Bulk School Supply Program

QUESTION: Where is my child’s School Supplies Shopping List?
ANSWER: There isn’t one!

Thanks to the PTA’s Bulk Supplies Committee, Key School parents do NOT need to spend their precious time, money, and gasoline this summer tracking down elusive school supplies! The shopping – and savings – has already been done for us, and these supplies, specified by the teachers, are placed in Key School classrooms over the summer, ready and waiting for our students and teachers on the first day of school.

Last year, 80% of parents supported our Bulk Supplies program. The high participation rate enables the program to be continued. The Bulk Supply fee for 2015-2016 will be $70 per student, which covers supply needs for the entire year.

We encourage 100% parent participation for the success and continuation of this program. The PTA Classroom Bulk Supplies Dues form comes home in your PTA packet at the beginning of the year or you can pay online.

Thank you for supporting this important PTA program.

Parents with questions or concerns, who are interested in learning more about the bulk supply program, or who would like to volunteer should contact Norma Ramella at normaramella@yahoo.com or Ashby Mims at ashby.mims@gmail.com