Lunch Options

Key School: Healthy Eats, Happy Kids

As part of its effort to encourage kids to eat healthier foods and get more fresh fruit and veggies into their diet every day, Key School offers students a salad bar that is available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week at lunch time for grades 2 and up.

The salad bar begins serving salad a couple of weeks after the beginning of the new school year. The start date is announced in an early September NextWeek@Key email.

At the beginning of the school year, grades 2 through 5 watch a video (made by former Key School students, no less!) about proper salad bar etiquette, so they all know not to reach in and use their hands, to always use the tongs, and to put the tongs back in the container they got them from, etc. Cafeteria staff are also on hand to help kids get their salad.
Students who bring a lunch from home can get salad, too! They first sit down to eat their packed lunch, and after they’re done they can go to the salad bar to get salad (see “Cost” section below).

Salad bar offerings change each week and include several veggies and other goodies (see list below).
A sample salad bar weekly menu might be: Romaine salad mix, mesclun mix, shredded carrots, cucumber slices, tomatoes, celery, broccoli, oranges, croutons, sliced boiled egg.
Download the January Salad Bar Menu. Chartwells is the provider for Key School’s hot lunch and the salad bar.

*Note about allergies: The salad bar does not include any ground nuts, tree nuts, or sunflower seeds. Please contact Ingrid Bush if you have any questions regarding the salad bar and allergy concerns.

A few of the goodies offered at the salad bar:
Romaine salad mix
Mesclun mix
Shredded carrots
Bell peppers
Shredded cheese
Garbanzo beans
Hard-boiled egg

Choice of dressing: Ranch, French, or Italian dressing

The salad bar is included as part of a full lunch (cost: $2.00). A side salad may also be purchased a la carte for $1.00.
Payment: Checks and cash are accepted on site at Key School. Payments are made into the MyPAL kiosk in the cafeteria—cafeteria staff are available to assist kids with this if they need help.
Checks should be made out to the D.C. Treasurer.
Credit or debit card payments should be made via the online prepayment service at (Note: You must have an account established to apply money through the online prepayment service).

Please email any salad bar questions to Ingrid Bush,

For more information:
Healthy Schools Act
Snack Guidelines
DC Local Wellness Policy (updated in 2011)