Key School PTA Volunteer Opportunities  2016-17

If you are interested in being a part of any of the Committees below please contact the Committee Chairs directly (their emails are listed next to the committee description).  Elizabeth Wise elizabethewise@gmail.com or Jim Mello the.mello.five@gmail.com will also be able to help you if you are interested in volunteering.

  • Activities Coordinator Responsible for activities at Key when school is closed but parents may have to work, such as Columbus Day or professional development days.  Jess Marx jessilmarx@gmail.com
  • BOOK FAIR, May 9 – 11, 2017 Volunteers are asked for help setting-up, acting as cashiers, and helpng the children with their selections. Contact: Alexia Minervini alexiaminervini@gmail.com , Meredith Sumner sumner@icloud.com Maria Garcia jiog2424@comcast.net , Bessie Doffermyre bessiedoffermyre@gmail.com , Katie Thompson katie@sliphead.com
  • BULK SUPPLIES This unique program means that parents are not tasked with long lists of needed school supplies before each school year!  Opportunities include assisting with in-store purchases at area retailers, on-site distribution to individual classrooms, managing printer cartridge returns/rewards program and more.  Contact: Norma Ramella normaramella@yahoo.com and Tamara Strobel tstrobel23@gmail.com
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE School-wide projects and fundraisers designed to instill a sense of community service in our Chairs: Amy Conroy amy_laurence@hotmail.com , Leslie Pearson leslieannpearson@gmail.com and Maura Farrell mauraanne@hotmail.com
  • DIRECTORY A listing of all students, parents, and staff. Administrator: Henk Brands hjbrands@comcast.net
  • Emergency Backpacks Contact: Meg Menzel menzel@gmail.com
  • FILLMORE The Fillmore Committee collaborates with Fillmore Arts Center in a variety of ways to support the program. Liaison: Tilman Wuerschmidt thistilman@gmail.com
  • Flu Shot Clinic October 13, 14, 19 and 20 from 2:45 to 4:15. This will be the eighth year Key has been able to provide this for our families! This year flu shots will be given, CDC does not recommend the flu-mist this year. Help is always needed to check people in. Chair: Anjula Agrawal agrawalanjula@hotmail.com
  • Foreign Language Chair Jacqueline Bueso-Merriam jbmerriam@post.havard.edu
  • Grant Liaison with Elevate – Tilman Wuerschmidt thistilman@gmail.com and Jim Mello mello.five@gmail.com
  • GREEN TEAM Join the environmentally conscious crowd in helping the school maintain its garden and sell Key-grown produce at our new Farmer’s Market, promote Waste-Free Wednesdays, work with our school and students to adopt greener practices, and impart that commitment to our kids, and much, much more. Chairs: Caroline Wolverton clw2216@gmail.com and Lisa Watts lisamwatts@gmail.com (coordinates with Grounds/Garden Grant)
  • GROUNDS One weekend day each fall (Nov 20) and spring (April 30) we join together to help spruce up school grounds. We need volunteers to keep our grounds neat and clean. Chair: Mark Hagan mark_hagen@yahoo.com (coordinates with Green Team/Garden Grant)
  • HARDY FOCUS GROUP This committee focuses on Hardy Middle School, our only guaranteed middle school option, to help make it a school of choice for the Key Community. We look forward to meeting with parents from Hardy’s other “feeder” elementary schools, Hardy school and DCPS officials, and other stakeholders to do all we can to build a stronger community around Hardy. Chairs: Juliana Evans evans@gmail.com  and Shoshana Rosenbaum shoshana.rosenbaum@gmail.com
  • HARVEST FESTIVAL October 23 from 12 to 4pm This fun-filled neighborhood event features an awesome haunted house, hours of games and activities for the children, including a moon bounce, fortune tellers, and pumpkin decoration contest.  We need everyone to help run the games and activities! Chairs: Kate Samuel katesamuel@gmail.com , Sara Tucker saradann@gmail.com Meg Menzel menzel@gmail.com , Ned Parrot eparrott@wattieder.com and Nicole Cohen Nicole.cohen@live.com
  • Healthy Foods/Schools and Wellness The Healthy Foods Committee promotes healthy eating at Key by writing articles, speaking at PTA meetings, working with Ms. Johnson on school gardens, helping to set snack guidelines and bringing in special guests, local chefs, or programs, including farms to schools events and meals. Deb Nigri dlnigri@gmail.com ,  Janet Carter janetcookcarter@gmail.com and Natalie Silverman e.silverman@gmail.com
  • Holiday Secret Shop  December 12 -14 (after school) Each December Key School becomes a small boutique with thousands of pre-wrapped gifts for students to purchase for friends, family and charity.  Help is needed shopping for presents, wrapping presents ahead of time, guiding the students through the store and cashiering. Chairs: Jessica Kramer jessicapalmerkramer@gmail.com and Jessica Davis davis.jessical@gmail.com
  • Hospitality/Staff Appreciation This committee coordinates refreshments and events for PTA functions that include teacher appreciation lunches, New Parent Receptions, Open Houses, PTA meetings, and the Back to School and End of Year Picnics.  They are always looking for volunteers to help set up, sell pizza, clean up, etc.! Chairs: Sara Tama sarahwtama@gmail.com , Liz Komosa lizkomosa@gmail.com and Stacy Rosecan stacyrosecan@yahoo.com
  • JULY 4th PARADE Help orchestrate our entry in the Palisades 4th of July Parade, make decorations and recruit marchers! Jim Mello mello.five@gmail.com and Maria Garcia jiog2424@comcast.net
  • Library Volunteer Assist our librarian in daily restacking of  Work one day every other week, either just after drop-off or before pick-up in the afternoon. Chair: Christie Lavin christielavigne@hotmail.com
  • Morning Drop-off Help our children exit safely from vehicles at the front of school each morning! 30 minutes in the morning and all those smiling faces! Contact Maria Garcia jiog2424@comcast.net
  • NEWSLETTER Our Keynotes newsletter comes out 3 to 4 times a year. Our editor is looking for writers to keep parents “in the know” and help with copying/distribution. Put your reporting skills to build community among our families! Editor: Abby Goodnough abby@nytimes.com
  • New Parents Reception – September 14, 7 to 8:30pm Tricia Duncan triduncan@verizon.net
  • OPEN HOUSE November 18, February 3 and April 7 @ 9am Key holds three open houses each year during school hours to allow prospective parents to visit the school. Parents are needed to help guide tours throughout the building. Chairs: Open House – Tracy Gabriel tracysayegh@gmail.com and Eavan O’Halloran  eohalloran@worldbank.org
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT Help promote Key School in the neighborhood and beyond; help raise funds for the PTA by holding raffles and unique fundraisers. Chairs:  Claire Swift claireswift@gmail.com, Laura Slover m.slover@gmail.com
  • Retail Rebates – Registering for AmazonSmile and other similar programs that benefit the school require research and setting up. This committee seeks opportunities as well as help with existing programs. Contact: Dawn Murphy Johnson dmurphyjohnson@gmail.com
  • ROOM PARENT We need two parents from each class to provide support to the classroom teacher, help coordinate volunteers for special events and help disseminate information to the membership (familiarity with email a MUST). Coordinator: Gail Bailey  gail8bailey@gmail.com
  • SCIENCE FAIR April 7, 2017 Help with the design, set-up and presentation of the annual Science Fair. Chair: Emily Carey j.carey@gmail.com
  • SPRING AUCTION March 4, 2017 Key’s BIGGEST fundraiser and social event is the Spring Auction.  This March event requires a multitude of tasks, including soliciting donations and selling tickets weeks in advance, choosing the venue and catering, setting up and assisting with check-out the day of the auction. Chair: TBD, contact elizabethewise@gmail.com
  • TREE SALE December 3-4 Your help is needed the first weekend in December – loading trees onto cars, helping cashiers and bringing holiday cheer to the neighborhood. This is a great way for working parents and weekend warriors to get involved! Ned Parrott eparrott@wthf.com , Andrew Davis andrewgallowaydavis@gmail.com and Roger Kranenburg rkranenburg@cera.com
  • WINTER AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM Help design the January – March program offerings, process enrollment forms, and purchase and distribute snacks to the kids. Chairs: Romina Cohen rominacohen@yahoo.com and Jessica Kramer Jessicapalmerkramer@gmail.com
  • WORLD FAMILY  Key prides itself on its vibrant international presence.  Families with international experiences are invited to present one of our monthly Passport Days in which we introduce the student body to another country and culture.  The World Family Committee holds periodic parent get-togethers and will host  World Family Day on June 2, 2017, where students “travel” to various countries without ever leaving school grounds! Arianne de Govia  adegovia@freeman-wade.com and Kate Azevedo katemagda@gmail.com

Key School PTA Volunteer Opportunities

Check the button next to any activity you'd like to help with, or are interested in learning more about, and give us your contact information at the bottom.
    Organizes activities at Key when no school is scheduled but yet most parents still need to work, for example, Columbus Day.
    Imagines and implements Key's on-site arts programs, including assemblies, the Family Arts Program, the after-school chorus and musical program, arranges visiting artists and professional development for teachers.
    Held early each spring, requires the help of volunteers for set-up, to work as cashiers, and to help the children with their selections.
    Helps support the school-wide bulk supply program. Assists with in-store purchases at area retailers, on-site supply distribution, managing printer cartridge return and rewards program.
    Volunteers load trees onto cars, cashier and bring holiday cheer to the neighborhood at this fundraiser. Great volunteer opportunity for working parents and weekend warriors.
    Instills a sense of community service in our children through service events.
    Researches available grants and write proposals. Indentifies corporate matching programs and arrange for Key participation.
    Helps compile, design, print and distribute school directory and handbook.
    Collaborates with Fillmore Arts Center. Facilitates communication between the schools, conducts course-feedback surveys, and develops relationships at Fillmore.
    Coordinates the Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools (FLES) program at Key, which offers before and after school language classes.
    Helps the school meet its recycling obligations; researches the many ways we can adopt greener practices and impart that commitment to our kids. Promotes Safe Routes To School (SRTS) efforts.
    Spruces up school grounds and spearheads the seasonal beautification and campus clean-ups.
    Organizes games and activities for Key students and the wider community, including moon bounce, fortune tellers, haunted house and pumpkin decoration contest at this fall event.
    Promotes healthy eating at Key by writing articles, speaking at PTA meetings, working with the science teacher on school gardens, helping to set snack guidelines and bringing in special guests, local chefs, or programs, including farms-to-schools events and meals.
    Volunteers select, purchase & wrap gifts for students to purchase for friends, family and charity. The day of the event, guide students through the store and work as cashiers.
    Volunteers organize refreshments, set up and clean up for one or more PTA functions (picnics, open houses, welcome receptions, etc.) and/or staff lunches.
    Help PTA and Staff with a long-range plan for the school's technology equipment and infrastructure
    Volunteers help orchestrate our entry and participation in the Palisades 4th of July Parade!
    Assist librarian in daily shelving of returned books just after drop-off or before pick-up in the afternoon.
    Educates the Key Community about middle school opportunities. Helps put on informational programs and works with representatives from other neighborhood schools and PTA’s to work to improve communication flows about school choices.
    Volunteers write articles to help us keep parents in the loop and build community.
    Parents organize the fall and winter Open Houses and conduct tours to prospective parents visiting the school.
    Helps provide general PR support to the PTA and works with Key’s fifth graders to write the school dispatches column for the Northwest Current newspaper.
    Educates parents to register for various shopping reward programs throughout the year.
    Provide support to the classroom teacher, help coordinate volunteers for special events and help disseminate information to the class parents.
    Volunteers help with the design, set-up and presentation of the annual Spring Science Fair.
    Key’s BIGGEST fundraiser and social event is the Spring Auction. This mid-March event requires a multitude of tasks, including soliciting donations, choosing the venue, planning the live auction and setting up and assisting with check-out the day of the auction.
    Works with Key teachers to coordinate the winter after-school activities program.
    Volunteers plan the monthly Passport Days introducing the student body to other countries and cultures. Parents enjoy international parent get-togethers and can host a table at World Family Day when students “travel” to various countries without ever leaving school grounds!
  • List your child(ren) at Key and their respective class levels.