Arts Program

Key students receive a high-quality arts education through the Fillmore Arts Center.  Each Key student spends a half-day at Fillmore (a short bus ride away) to participate in art, music, dance and drama.  The Fillmore site is equipped with four art rooms (one of which has three kilns), a computer arts lab, a dance studio, a drama black-box studio, and three music classrooms.  Students through grade 2 rotate through music, dance, drama and visual arts.  All second grade students receive instruction in violin.  Third through fifth grade students choose their classes from a wide variety of electives:  ceramics, sculpture, architecture, design, drawing and painting, digital art, scene study, musical theater, jazz dance, spoken word poetry, strings and band instruments.  A priority for the Fillmore program is providing the opportunity for all students to have performing and art exhibit opportunities through concerts, festival celebrations, art shows and art displays in the community.  Many of the Fillmore teachers are professional artists with teaching certification.  More information can be found on the Fillmore website: and