F.S. Key 2017-18


(Please pay the amount shown based on the number of children you have at Key)


# of Children 1 2 3
Classroom Bulk Supplies* $75 $150 $225
PTO Dues $375 $500 $625
SUB-TOTAL $450 $650 $850
Technology Fund ($50/family recommended)
Arts Fund ($50/family recommended)
Additional $$ (includes scholarships)

Additional contributions beyond the suggested amounts are appreciated!

100% of your dues and contributions (not bulk supply fee) may be tax-deductible. Key School PTO is a section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (Federal Tax ID No. 52-1644961).



  • Are the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) fees required to attend Key? No, the annual PTO dues are suggested amounts.  Even if you cannot pay this full amount, please contribute what you can. You may also pay the dues over a period of time. The dues are important! The mission of the PTO is to support the students, teachers and community involved with Key Elementary School.
  • How are the PTO funds used? All of the PTO funds go towards supplementing programs and funding for critical programs that make Key School the superior neighborhood school that it is. Programs such as covering teacher aide salaries, classroom set-up and teacher funds, the science fair and science program support, library books and reading and math resource materials, and capital improvements and supplemental technology upgrades. Without your contributions these programs wouldn’t exist at Key because, unfortunately, the DCPS budget cannot – and does not – support all the costs associated with our excellent academic program.
  • Who determines the PTO dues? The dues amount and any future increases are suggested by the Executive Committee of the PTO and voted on by the body of the entire PTO. This is why it’s important to attend PTO meetings!
  • What is the required amount to join the PTO? A $5 minimum is required to vote on PTO business and take advantage of PTO sponsored activities, including KEHP (the aftercare program).
  • What are Bulk Supplies? Key School parents do not need to spend time or money purchasing school supplies! The shopping – and savings – has already been done for us by the Bulk Supplies Committee. The supplies, specified by the teachers, are ready and waiting for our students and teachers on the first day of school.  The amount due is a fixed amount that reflects a great deal of savings for the supplies your child(ren) will use this year.
  • Are the Bulk Supplies fees required?  Yes. We ask that this fee be paid by every family to cover your child’s school supplies regardless of whether the family joins the PTO.  The fee is $75.
  • What is the Technology Fund and why am I being asked to pay money to it? The fact is technology upgrades are always needed before funding comes in through the DCPS budget.  In order for our technology to stay relevant and upgraded we ask you to make a contribution towards this program.
  • What is the “Additional Contribution” line item? This is just extra money you would like to see go to the PTO.  Some families just round up the total to the nearest whole number and that extra money goes straight to help fund our programs. This is entirely at your discretions and, as with all contributions, very much appreciated! It also supports the scholarships we offer for our families in need.

ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTION: This is entirely up to your discretion and, as with all contributions, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!