Foreign Language (FLES)

Key offers extracurricular foreign language classes in Spanish and French. Classes are taught by native speakers in Key classrooms before or after school. Introductory classes for kindergarten and first-grade students focus on interactive re-telling of well-known children’s tales using visuals, flashcards and puppets to spark children’s imagination; they are once a week for 24 weeks. Beginning, intermediate and advanced classes for second- through fifth-grade students focus on conversation and writing and incorporate games into each class; they are twice a week for 24 weeks. Registration is in the fall. Tuition this year is $238 for Introductory classes and $475 for Intermediate and Advanced classes. Additional information about Montgomery County Schools Big Learning Foreign Language: FLES, with whom the PTA contracts for our foreign language classes, is available here.

Key Foreign Language Committee Co-chairs Caroline Wolverton and Ximena Ortiz may be contacted at or