Green Committee

The Key Green Committee works with students, faculty, and the Key PTO to create initiatives that allow us to model and encourage environmental leadership for Key students.

Each year, the Green Committee organizes several events and educational programming including:
• Green Team– Science teacher Amy Johnson leads the Green Team, a group of students and faculty working innovatively to promote recycling, care of the school vegetable and woodland gardens, and reducing energy consumption at Key. New initiatives for year 2015-2016: development of a new butterfly garden and composting.
• Farmers Market – For the second year, Key will host the wonderful Fall Farmers Market, with 4th and 5th graders contributing to the set up and management of Wednesday fruits and vegetable markets.
• Spring Community Ecycle/Freecycle – Partnering with Potomac Metals, the Green Committee provides a means by which TVs, stereos, computers and more may be recycled or disposed of responsibly. We also accept old batteries, cell phones, and print cartridges regularly in the school’s front hall.
• Bike to School Day –National Bike to School Day is a now a tradition of excellence at Key, as we have won the Golden Bike award two years in a row.
• Beautification – Green Team looks for ways in which to create an inspired, well-cared for environment in which our children learn and play.
• Trash-free lunch – We ask our students to pack trash-free lunches every Wednesday. This helps remind us to find ways, however small, to reduce waste.
• Greentips – Utilizing Next Week at Key, we communicate community green events, as well as ways to make choices that benefit the environment. Our community resource guide offers specifics on many environmental services.
• Safe Routes – We work with DC Safe Routes to School Program to make a walk, roll, or bike to Key safer and easier.
• Green products – We promote the use of safe, green cleaning products in our school, as well as the use of disposable products that are compostable.
• Earth Week – Inviting speakers to address issues of environmental stewardship with our students, we celebrate Earth week with activities that promote environmental education, care for our campus, and new green initiatives.