Life After Key

The Life After Key Committee (LAK) was created after a LSRT (now LSAT) survey of Key parents revealed that their number one concern about Key is what happens after Key. Key parents are especially interested in having high quality public school middle options.

The LAK Committee focuses on two goals. First, the LAK Committee seeks to make sure that parents have objective and up-to-date information about public middle schools. (Private schools are not part of our focus. ) We most recently organized an event at which students and parents from Hardy, Latin and BASIS speak about their experiences. We have previously organized Middle School Fairs for parents of elementary school children at which leaders from local public and charter middle schools present information and answer questions.

Second, the LAK Committee seeks to build relationships among various stakeholders and decision-makers for public middle school options. We have met extensively with parents from other local elementary schools and middle schools and found considerable common ground. We have also met with public officials such as Mary Cheh.

Information on Middle School Options


Hardy Middle School
1819 35th Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
Serves grades 6–9

The Key school is a feeder to Hardy Middle School, so Key students are guaranteed enrollment there, should they so choose. Information on enrollment is available at

Like all DCPS students, our children have the opportunity to apply for available seats in other DCPS middle schools via an Out of Boundary Lottery. Information on the application process is available at,

Charter Middle Schools

In Washington DC, charter schools are public schools that are free for all DC residents. Any DC student can attend any DC public charter school where space is available. Families complete applications to request space at a charter school. Schools with more applicants than spaces hold a lottery to randomly select students for enrollment.

There are more than 30 charter schools serving the middle school grades. Complete information on all available charter schools and the enrollment and lottery process is available at

Two charter middle schools that have been popular with Key families:

Washington Latin PCS — Middle School
4115 16th Street, NW
Serves grades 5–8

BASIS DC 410 8th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004
Serves grades 5–8