Report Card Guidelines

Teachers use the following guidelines when assessing your child’s mastery of a subject, concept, or skill. Please use them to help explain your child’s report card.

Overall (Content Mastery and Application)

Grade Description
1 Does not meet the standard, cannot access the information or skill without consistent instructional support.
2 Approaching the standard, some working knowledge, but not consistently applying the skill yet.
3 Meeting the standard, doing what needs to be done, consistently producing good work.
4 Performing and producing above on all levels at all times.
**Note: Grades are based on independent application of the knowledge and on what is being produced on a regular basis; overall effort and classroom behavior is addressed in comments and the behavior section of the report card.

Skill Development

Grade Description
B Concepts have only been introduced OR the child is in the beginning stages of mastering the concept and skill; not able to apply and/or build on the concept/skill.
D Student understands and is able to apply the concept with minimal support. Concept is not fluent through all applications and strategies, but the student continues to progress towards mastery.
S Student fully understands the concept and is able to apply it and make connections without support.
N Concept has not been introduced.


Grade Description
I Student is an example of the behavior.
LP Student occasionally needs to be redirected. Behavior is inconsistent.
FP Student causes disruptions to the class and needs frequent reminders about the behavior.
R Student does not control the behavior and consistently disrupts the class.