Resource Programs

Key has an excellent team in place to help service our special needs students, all of whom are fully integrated into the general education setting where they learn alongside their peers. All students at Key benefit from the work of this strong team.

  • We have three full-time special education teachers who work with children individually and in small groups outside of the classroom. In addition, the teachers go into the classrooms where they can support all students.
  • Key also benefits from the expertise of several specialists who are at school part-time. A speech-language pathologist works with small groups of students weekly to build articulation, receptive, and expressive language skills. Through discussion, play, modeling, and guidance, a social worker offers support to students coping with various challenges. She also works with whole classes to address issues of bullying, friendship, and loss. Our school psychologist conducts comprehensive evaluations of students around whom there are concerns. Furthermore, with her deep understanding of learning styles, challenges, and differences, she is a resource for teachers as they work with children every day. Finally, an occupational therapist spends one day a week at Key. She works with individual students in and out of the classroom and consults with teachers on a wide range of fine motor and sensory integration skills.