Science and Technology


Students receive instruction twice a week (pre-K once a week) with an inquiry based, hands-on approach to exploring science. Students use the DCPS adopted curriculum of Foss Science to go through various lessons in Life Science, Physical Science and Earth and Space Science. Each science strand has content and performance standards that include essential knowledge and skills for the students to demonstrate and perform. Key School has partnerships with Discovery Creek, Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and The National Science Teachers Association. Key School has also developed an integrated approach to science, math and technology instruction with the Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC. Every year, Key School hosts a Science Fair where students of all grades have the opportunity to showcase their research and results to their peers and to judges. This year the Science Fair is on Friday, March 8, 2013.


Key School is wired and committed to the use of educational technology to extend and enrich teaching and learning. Nearly every classroom has an interactive SMART board as well as at least one iPad and multiple computer stations. We believe that students with access to technology become more productive and resourceful learners. All students, pre-k through fifth grade, visit our computer lab weekly to work toward greater mastery of information technologies, and computers are in every classroom. Skills include editing and publishing as well as presentation techniques, and electronic research and communication. A full time computer teacher works closely with classroom teachers on meaningful computer and multi-media applications and how to better integrate technology into the curriculum.