Why PTA Dues Matter

Your PTA Dollars at Work:

  • Covering teacher aide salaries
  • Classroom set up and teacher funds
  • Science fair and science program support
  • Library books and reading and math resource materials
  • Performing arts program and field trips
  • Capital improvements and supplemental technology upgrades
  • Playground renovation: Play It Forward Campaign

And, the list goes on…

Without your contributions these programs wouldn’t exist at Key because, unfortunately, the DCPS budget cannot – and does not – support all the costs associated with our excellent academic program. Your contribution helps to support a program that prepares students to outperform on national tests and be thoroughly prepared for public, charter and private middle schools.

Through the support of our generous parent body, the Key School PTA steps in and provides the necessary supplemental funds for many critical programs that make Key School the superior neighborhood school that it is.

As the student body continues to grow, stretching our facilities and faculty, our dues and contributions are even more critical to our mission of supporting the staff in maintaining the high quality of education being offered, and ensuring there are adequate resources to do so.

The Key School PTA’s dues and contributions budget goal for the 2015-2016 school year is achieving 100% parent participation to raise $70,000. We need your help and ask each and every family to try to pay from $275-$425 in dues this year depending on the number of children you have attending Key. Due to budget cuts from DCPS, dues have been slightly increased, but they remain some of the lowest in Ward 3 public schools.