World Family

Did you know that out of only 380 students, more than 65 different countries are represented at Key Elementary? The World Family Committee seeks to showcase the geography, history and culture of different countries through several fun and exciting activities throughout the year.

Passport DayFriday Passport Presentation: Every year, we have three school-wide presentations spaced throughout the year to present information about one country. We invite parents and members of the community to talk with the children about life in countries like Portugal, Thailand and Uruguay (2011/2012) and Pakistan and Colombia (2012/2013).

Quiz of the Month: The children love to play our monthly quiz, with questions about geography and culture. This activity generally coincides with the country featured in the Friday Passport Presentation. We select one winner from the lower grades (pre-K – 2nd) and the upper grades (3rd – 5th). Every winner is announced on the speaker and they are awarded a prize at the school-wide presentation. Every year, more and more children participate in this fun quiz!

World Family Day: Toward the end of the school year (this year June 2, 2017, 9am to 12pm), we hold an outdoor fair at school with booths set up for nearly a dozen countries. Children can “travel the world” by visiting each booth and talking with parents and others about each country. Last year, students …

  • played bingo in Ecuador,
  • danced with ribbons in Venezuela,
  • played “rayuela” in Chile,
  • played a floor map game in France,
  • played a music game in Bonaire,
  • learned to make pasta in Italy,
  • played an Indonesian hand game ,
  • played a table game in Portugal, and
  • filled out a questionnaire in Denmark

World Family DinnerWorld Family Potluck Dinners: Each year, Key School families host two potluck dinners – one in Spring and one in Fall – where parents can share delicious food from their native countries. These dinners are always well attended and the discussion is lively!

International Basket: Finally, the World Family Committee contributes to the Annual Auction by donating an International Basket with products from around the world. Please contact us if you have any items you would like to donate for this year’s Winter Auction.

If you would like to participate in the World Family Committee in any of these activities or want to contribute in another way, we want to hear from you. Please contact the Chair:
Arianne de Govia